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Inspiring others to turn their dreams into reality


Hey guys! I'm Dani.

A thirty-something, mum-of-two, wife, interior designer and self-confessed dog lover.


I haven't always been in interior design though. 

After a 10-year career in the NHS, I made what felt like a rather crazy and reckless decision at the time to quit my job and launch my own design studio. With two young children at home, and absolutely no experience of running a business, it was a challenge to say the least!

Over time, I pieced things together, bit by bit and figured out how to make my business a success. 


Now, my studio generates more in a year than I could ever have hoped for and I'm able to spend more quality time with my kids. I never need to miss a sports day or a nativity play and I work hours that suit me and my family.

This journey opened my eyes to what is possible and by sharing my story, I aim to inspire and encourage others to go after their dreams, because it might just be, the best thing you ever do. 

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