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How to make your ceilings feel higher than they really are!

Updated: May 31, 2022

Do you have a home with inherently low ceilings? Or perhaps you have ceilings of a modest height but are looking for ways to make them appear taller?

Whether you live in a contemporary new build, a period property or something in between; low ceilings can make rooms feel small and cramped. Additionally, if you choose the wrong furniture, window treatments and colour schemes you can skew the proportions even further!

“Sounds awful” You say.

Well, no need to fear! If you are looking to confidently create a home that is stylish and spacious with perfectly proportioned ceilings then read on for my top solutions.

Vertical storage is a great way to add height.

Choose low-slung furniture

This is all about tricking the eye. If the horizontal lines of your furniture (sofas, beds and chairs etc) are lower than average, this allows you to see more of the wall above it, making the ceiling seem taller.

Light blue brushed cotton Loaf sofa
Loaf Achilles Sofa in China Blue Brushed Cotton

Hang curtains as high as possible

By hanging your curtains just below the ceiling (which is probably a good deal higher than the top of the actual window) you draw the eye up. Not only does this add the appearance of height it can make the room feel brighter too!

And always make them floor length! Pur-lease! Window-sill height curtains will do nothing for your proportions.

High hung grey curtains modern living room
Vermont Dove Grey Eyelet curtains from Dunelm

Paint the ceiling

Painting the ceiling the same colour as your walls can lift a room by blurring the boundaries and creating a seamless transition. The uniformity can help a room feel more larger and more airy.

neutral dining room pendant light
Ammonite walls and ceiling by Farrow & Ball

Paint below the dado rail darker than above

Using a darker colour up to the dado rail (including the skirting and dado) and then a lighter colour on top up to and including your ceilings, can help the ceiling feel higher.

Two-tone painted hallway navy and white
Two-tone hallway in Farrow & Ball

Hang vertically striped wallpaper

Anything with vertical stripes gives the illusion of height, so by using a wallpaper or painting vertical stripes on your walls you will automatically draw the eye upwards making the space feel bigger.

grey striped wallpaper utility
Sandberg Kristina wallpaper by Jane Clayton

Paint floor to ceiling the same colour

This is a similar trick to the previous paint tips - it's all about illusions. Painting everything in the room the same colour - walls, skirting, door architraves, even doors is a modern and contemporary style of decorating that comes with the added advantage of creating a feeling of space and height. It reduces any distractions and creates a continuous flow in the room.

Woodwork, walls and ceiling - All White by Farrow & Ball

Play with scale

Tall wooden bookshelf
Tall bookcases draw the eye upwards


A tidy, clean and organised space can go a long way to helping a room feel more spacious. Making sure you have enough storage is key, shelving, built in cupboards or even some large seagrass or jute baskets make great storage solutions.

Rattan storage baskets
Set of Rattan baskets - Not on the high street

And there you have it! Hopefully you have found some inspiration for decorating your own room and you feel ready to confidently use some of my tips to make your rooms feel bigger and ceilings higher!

If you enjoyed this one, why not check out my post on ‘mood lighting ideas for your home’ whilst you’re here!

See you again soon!

Dani x

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